Types of DUIs in Arizona

There are several types of DUI in Arizona, with varying levels of seriousness. Depending on the circumstances, and whether you have a prior conviction, the court may treat your DUI more harshly.

If you have been arrested for DUI in the Phoenix area, you could be facing serious punishments, including jail time and lengthy driver’s license suspension. At Horan Law Offices, P.C., we try to mitigate the consequences from a DUI arrest.

Misdemeanor or Standard DUI

The smallest level of DUI is one where the driver is simply charged with having 0.08% blood alcohol or higher, or 0.04% or higher if driving a commercial motor vehicle. Minors can be charged with a standard DUI for operating at any level, as they are not allowed to drink alcohol yet.

With a standard DUI, there are no other conditions alleged as part of the offense. Repeated violations, though, will call for greater mandatory punishments.

Felony or Extreme DUI

A person who is driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15% or higher is considered to be committing an extreme DUI. Punishments will be harsher, and will increase with each similar conviction.

Aggravated DUI

With an Aggravated DUI, the State is alleging a much more serious charge. You can be charged with this if you are operating a vehicle with a passenger younger than 15, if you committed the offense with a license that was not valid because it was suspended or revoked, or if you have had two other convictions for DUI in the past 84 months.

DUI with Drugs

The State may accuse you of driving under the influence of drugs instead of alcohol. Even having controlled substances in your system while you are driving may be enough for a conviction.

There are many factors to be considered with these kinds of charges, as the State will need to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Your Attorney at Horan Law Offices, P.C. will examine your case thoroughly, as the State needs to prove that there was a good reason to believe that the officer suspected you of having drugs in your system. Many officers are not thoroughly trained in the many kinds of effects based on different drugs.

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