J.K. – Client – Glendale, Arizona

My whole family appreciates the work A.D. Horan did on my serious criminal case. He worked really hard on my case and fought against criminal felony charges filed against me. Mr. Horan saved me 15 years of my life from going to prison. He was able to avoid me serving jail or prison time even though I was on probation at the time and had a criminal history. Mr. Horan has allowed me to save my marriage and enjoy my family and see my children grow up. I will recommend everybody I know to him, he is the BEST!

S.B. – Client – San Francisco, California

Horan Law Office, P.C. represented me in my criminal case and provided Excellent Service. Mr. Horan and his law firm staff constantly kept me informed of what was going on. Mr. Horan dismissed all criminal and DUI charges that were filed against me by the Scottsdale City Prosecutor’s Office, in Maricopa County, AZ. His law firm provided excellent legal representation and I will recommend his office to all my family and friends who need legal representation.

R.T.A. – Client – Phoenix, Arizona

I was terrified of the consequences I was facing when I was charged with felony Aggravated DUI and drug charges. Not only did A.D. Horan manage to keep me out of prison; I did not even spend a night in jail. I was so confident of the lawyer I had by my side that I refused to plead to the combo of a misdemeanor DUI and a class 6 endangerment felony I was initially offered. Because of his aggressive representation, Mr. Horan was able to drop/dismiss all of my felony charges and gave me my life back. I cannot put in words how much I appreciate everything Mr. Horan did for me and my loved ones. I will recommend him to anyone that is facing any criminal charges.

N.Y. – Client – Scottsdale, Arizona

My future was on the line and A.D. Horan helped me get it back. I was on probation with multiple new serious felony criminal charges. After aggressive representation, endless persistence and several months of litigation, A.D. Horan was able to dismiss my charges and saved me over 10 years of prison. He saved my life when he aggressively fought my case.

What I also liked about this law firm is when I referred a family member to their office to pursue an accident case, the personal injury attorney did an outstanding job. The personal injury lawyer at this law firm was able to fight hard against the insurance company and got my brother full compensation for his totaled car, made sure all his medical bills were negotiated and paid in full, and got also him maximum compensation for the pain and suffering he experienced for his injuries from his serious accident.

S.P. – Client, Phoenix, Arizona

A.D. Horan with Horan Law Offices, P.C, represented me against several criminal charges which were filed against me by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office/Arizona State Prosecutor. After several months of fighting aggressively on my behalf and repeated court appearances, he was able to get all my criminal charges and entire case dismissed. I did not have to do any jail time, probation or even pay a fine. Mr. Horan was able to prevent me from having criminal convictions on my record.

W.G. – Client – Buckeye, Arizona

A.D. Horan did an outstanding job defending me on criminal charges involving driving on a suspended license by getting them dismissed. He saved me from getting jail time and saved me from losing my drivers license. After the case was done, I was able to drive again which kept me from losing my job, school, and family. A.D. went above and beyond what I expected him to do. I consider him more of a friend or a family member, rather than just my attorney. He is always there to help out and kept me informed without calling about my case. His law firm staff was equally helpful and I am grateful for their professional service. I am extremely satisfied with the results of my case handled by A.D. and I would refer anyone to Horan Law Offices, P.C.

R.O. – Family Law Attorney – Phoenix, Arizona

I had the privilege of working with A.D. Horan at the beginning of my legal career. Mr. Horan is extremely well versed in law and has a wonderful disposition to complement his skill. I would refer anyone in need of legal assistance to Horan Law Offices, P.C. as I have full confidence in the abilities of all the lawyers in that law firm.

The best Criminal Lawyer

From the moment I searched him up, I knew I found the right guy! This lawyer fought aggressively with the first case we hired him for. He was so friendly from the start, very communicative, always answering our questions. Returning our calls. He would call us to inform us of anything new or just to see how we were doing and if we had any questions. Very professional. After the great outcome, we always went back to him for any other issues. He is our to go lawyer, always gave us great outcomes. No regrets!! I highly recommend him!!! 5 stars? No way, AD deserves 100 stars!

- (5 star review)

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